Positive Repetitive Affirming Image Sound Education – PRAISE: How kids may learn math or chemistry while playing action games!

Yesterday I’ve stumbled across a new use case for MiAffirmations—and the word is PRAISE (Positive Repetitive Affirming Image Sound Education).

My boy did not have a good night sleep and thoughts about last night’s bad dream kept coming up throughout the day (i.e. for some reason usual cuddles and assurances did not completely remove the fear caused by this particular bad dream). So, I wanted to help him by giving him an affirmation, which would play in the loop (on his iPad), and cause him to forget the nightmare and overcome the fear.

I’ve created a new MiAffirmations playlist containing the mentioned affirmation followed by the 5-second “silence” file. I’ve set it to run in the repeat mode and then switched to the iPad screen. The achieved effect was that MiAffirmations was playing in the background and the affirmation was heard every 5 seconds.

Then he started his favorite iPad game, which opened up and started it’s own background music and sound effects. As he was playing, every 5 seconds you could hear the affirmation play mixed with the game sound.

Then the moment of epiphany came. What if I record a times table detailing the results of multiplication operations, or periodic table describing the properties of chemical elements and play those in MiAffirmations tool while my son is playing with his games? That would mean that he would receive bits of information while leisurely playing on iPad and not even thinking about learning. In other words I would be able to extend his knowledge education session even into his play time — PRAISE.

Well, “learning while you play” is an old thing, but usually the knowledge gathered during play time was more about picking up new physical or social skills. But here we are talking about feeding in dry facts, memorizing volumes of hard data (which would take months of diligent study time) and learning the whole curricula (e.g. history, math, chemistry etc.) during the leisure time, by using the technique of Positive Repetitive Affirming Image Sound Education ( PRAISE ).

I’m really excited about this and will try it out; it reminds me of flash cards that we used when he was younger—but here we are using educational sound clips. What are your thoughts on this? What would you teach your kid if you would want to apply the PRAISE method in his or hers education? Do you see some other alternative use for MiAffirmations?

If you would like to try PRAISE on your child (or on yourself) you could use the free version of MiAffirmations (click on the FREE button below). The only limitation of the free version is that you can’t create new playlists, but would have to use one of the predefined ones. You can edit playlists with the paid version of Miaffirmations (compare versions).

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PS: Android version of MiAffirmations is being worked on.