What is a “harmoniser”?

I recently started using this title on my business card. I thought it would be catchy, but I was really surprised with the interest it created at a leadership meeting today. Many people asked me what the “harmoniser” is? and what does a “harmoniser” do?

So, basically, harmonisers (as I see them) are a breed of leaders that the world very much needs today. These people are happy and peaceful (well, a majority of the time) and their abundant peace and happiness spills out into their families, neighborhoods and work environments.

In business, they harmonize people, processes and systems they work with. They bring blessing into a team, which starts to flourish seemingly out of nothing.They would perform their tasks very well, but would also operate in the domain of group consciousness—to eliminate the agents of fear, anxiety and stress. In their harmonizing efforts, harmonisers are always focused on the long term goal, as it takes time to help establish harmony.

If you are a believer, a harmoniser is a person who intentionally helps, uplifts, cares and prays for others because she or he thinks it is hers/his sacred duty.  If you a non-believer, a harmoniser is a person who intentionally helps, uplifts and cares for others because he or she genuinely loves people. If we lived in the Star Wars galaxy, harmonisers would be Jedi warriors.

Structurally, harmonisers would position themselves as team leaders (and further up the chain) of the environment they move and work in, but it is not uncommon for harmonisers to completely avoid all of that in order to focus their work within the domain of group consciousness.

Worth mentioning is the source of harmoniser’s positive attitude, peace and happiness. If you want to be a successful harmoniser, you should hook up with the infinite reservoir of the same, so you could freely share harmony, peace and happiness with everybody else without depleting your own reserves.

Everybody in the world seeks this source, and they find it in all sorts of places and human activities. But for me, as a believer, this source could be found only in a personal relationship with God, who never changes and is always full (no matter the amount of happiness, peace and love you would ask Him to sprinkle over the others).

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